The Weird Turn Pro: Commentary from a weird perspective.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” — Hunter S. Thompson

Inarguablely, we live in weird times. So: welcome to The Weird Turn Pro.

This will be sort of a companion to my blog The Zen Pagan: TZP will focus more on matters of magick and spirit, while TWTP will focus on political philosophy, commentary, and analysis.

In both our spiritual and political worlds, existing models have failed badly. What we need is something new. Something different.

Something weird.

My other blog, The Zen Pagan, brings you spiritual perspective that’s not only outside the Abrahamic mainstream of American religious thought, but is unusual even within alternative spirituality — agreeing sometimes with the Buddhists, sometimes with the Pagans, sometimes with the atheists.

In a similar vein, The Weird Turn Pro will bring you a view that’s not only outside the partisan Democrat vs. Republican model, but doesn’t necessarily stand with the Greens or the Libertarians either. We’re critical of both MAGA and woke “cancel culture”, of both inherently contradictory “libertarian capitalism” and centrally-planned socialist utopias.

We find inspiration in Thornley’s Zenarchy, Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”, and Paine’s Agrarian Justice.

We oppose aggressive violence and vigilantism , but stand firmly by the right of self and community defense. Fuck censorship. And Nazi punks can fuck off, along with tankie punks and Maoist punks.

We oppose authoritarianism in both its right and left forms. We oppose the drug war, the war on guns, and the criminalization of sex work. We oppose technocracy and attempts at social control to “make people better” — we aim to misbehave.

We believe we need anti-racialism more than we need the so-called “antiracism” currently being pushed by grifters and well-meaning but confused activists; we support the Bulworth Plan For Racial Deconstruction.

We believe the state should eventually wither away as Universal Enlightenment prevails, but we are practical Zenarchists and don’t expect this soon. Meanwhile we believe that the ante for the game of “private property” is that every human being has enough to eat and a warm dry place to sleep, and that because disease is contagious universal health care is as much a public good as roads, bridges, and libraries.

”Kill the Buddha. Smash the state.” — Kerry Thornley

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